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We have a team of experienced professionals and correspondents of our utmost confidence in all countries of the world.

Global service for business travel

  • We are one of the most prestigious agencies.
  • We have more than 20 years of successful career.
  • We offer a global service in travel, conventions, trade shows, meetings, congress and incentives.

Villà Viatges contribution in business travel

  • Full involvement
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability

In Villà Viatges we are your strong partner and confidence

Characteristics of travels projects

  • Custom-made
  • Quality
  • With safety and security

Services for the manager responsible for organizing or travel in the company

Our services go a lot beyond the tickets reservation and the planning of an itinerary.

We simplify the work of the person in charge of organizing trips within the company or institution and we facilitate the synchronization task scheduling, combination of transport and accommodation, quality verification services and emergency solution when traveling.

The travel manager in the organization will get better results by investing less time and without headaches. For the company, the unexpected extra costs and the unavoidable intermediaries disappear. It achieved an optimization of your expense account and more flexibility in the organization of travel.

Attendance at all times to our travellers/clients

  • Transport: To cover any need for land, sea or air.
  • Equipment needed for each situation: Appropriate technicians for each event/trip.
  • Business: We cover the needs of your company and ensure expenditure control.
  • Entertainment: Tickets for shows, custom tours, the best restaurants of international and traditional cuisine, privatization of spaces, and so on.

Organization and total implementation of conventions, fairs and congress

  • Planning and execution from start to finish.
  • Total and customised organization of fairs, conventions and congresses.
  • The best deals.
  • The latest technologies.
  • Always by the client.
  • The ideal space are adequate facilities, personnel and technology required.
  • Specific dossiers and gifts as a souvenir of the convention.
  • Planning leisure time available: excursions, sports activities, gastronomic tours, spectacles, cocktails or closing dinners.

Ensuring success of business meetings

The inflection point in the good march of a company is usually determined by the unification of approaches and performance forms that are exposed in the periodic conventions.

In these meetings, the members of homologous departments see their faces, they compare their respective data, they put in common experiences and they assume the strategies fixed by the company. These meetings are so important that any unexpected detail can ruin the objectives fixed for the convention. An inadequate place, a faulty equipment, a not well-calculated program or a simple organization failure will cause a loss of the employee’s trust affected in the company and, consequently, a disorder in the perfect engagement of the company.

To assure the success of the meeting, we take charge of locating the suitable place where to celebrate the convention: an attractive, satisfactory venue and that it provides a good memory to the participants. We make ourselves position of the transport and the participants’ transfer, so that they arrive on time and with the biggest possible comfort.

We get the best lodging, the conference rooms and appropriate meetings, assistants and stewardesses, and the whole audiovisual equipment and of communications that it is required. We organize the assembly of the scenery to reinforce the image of the company and of the messages you would like to transmit in the meeting.

We take care of all the details so that the convention is a success.

Teambuilding and incentives for professional teams

We do all necessary to carry out a successful team building, event and incentive.

  • Selecting the action: Always unique and exclusive.
  • Destination search according to the client’s objectives.
  • Transfer and accommodation.
  • Details and welcome gifts.
  • Lunches, dinners, attractions, excursions, tours or guides.
  • Assistance for all services.

The choicest destinations for incentive travel

The best prize, the one that has a more durable memory, is the incentive trip offered by the company.

The companies that have a systematic plan and newspaper of incentives based on trips, obtain bigger interests that the economic bonuses: the competition is stimulated among squares, the orientation is reinforced to objectives, the possible comparative offences disappear for the amount of the prizes in metallic and it is rewarded to the family of the one incentivated by the time dedicated to the company.

The incentive trip, also, offers a tactile sensation and of enjoyment; it does not disappear immediately in paying-offs of mortgages or in covering holes. Who enjoys it, he/she knows new places, new people and he/she lives new experiences. And he/she has enough this memory to maintain along the year the high degree of fidelity, commitment and orientation to results that it has allowed him/her to obtain the trip.

Villà Viatges takes charge of all related with the trip of incentives: the selection of the destination, always unique and of high standing, of the transfer and lodging, the details and welcome gifts, the lunches, dinners, attractions, trips and visits, guides and interpreters,… But everything, with an exclusivity touch, so that the traveller feels unique main character of all the attentions.

For it, we have agreements with the tour-operators that offer the most select destinations and with the most exquisite services. To provide the best prize to the best work.

International service 24 hours a day

The Villà Viatges assistance to business travelers is available anytime, anywhere in the world and when necessary.

The offer full service guarantees satisfaction, security and trust business client.

Great exclusive and prestigious travel

We offer the chance to enjoy luxury travel, unique. We specialize in great journeys.

We guarantee impeccable service and all the details. A unique experience and completely tailored to the traveler.