Carles Villà: “Events represent the most important segment of the company”

The agency detected a clear trend towards personalized, unique and exclusive experiences

Carles Villà founded 20 years Villà Viatges, one makes specialized in organizing events, incentives and corporate travel company . In this interview analyzes the evolution of the agency until these days and the current situation of the sector.

You are the founder of Villà Viatges more than 20 years ago. What were the main reasons for the creation of the company and how it has evolved to today?

He had accumulated experience in the sector, International Express Travel. The
natural step was creating my own company in 1995. In these 20 years the
sector has evolved a lot and surely one of the main reasons why we have
kept as a reference company is that we have been able to adapt to all
these changes. In the years of economic boom many companies
emerged in the sector, many of whom had no experience because their
staff came from different tourism sectors. The crisis has
had a severe impact, no doubt, but also allowed to regulate this
situation: only companies with experience and knowledge have been
maintained. The figures are quite hard: in recent years 40% of travel agencies have closed in Spain.

How have changed the needs of travelers in these 20 years?

Actually the traveler’s needs remain the same: personal
development, thrill seeking, needs relaxation or rest or, conversely,
need for activities, either for self or to live as a couple, with
friends or family. What has changed is the way in which one can travel and meet these needs. We are currently seeing a clear trend towards personalized, unique and exclusive experiences.

Last April opened its new offices in Granollers. How many offices currently have and to the intended market?

We currently have two offices, one in Granollers and another in Barcelona. We also have permanent employees and our utmost confidence in all countries of the world.

Events accounts for 65% of company turnover.

Villà Viatges offers its services for both the holiday traveler and for the company, even in the organization of events. What is the most important segment for the company and what percentage represents each relative to the total turnover?

The events represent the largest segment, with 65% of turnover. They are followed by business services (20%) and the leisure segment (15%).

Specialization in the world of travel is very important. Villà Viatges has several lines of business. You are specialized in all of them?

We specialize in large travel, conventions and incentive trips for the business world. In our sector, as in others, it is essential to have market knowledge and extensive experience. And that’s what we have. Our team will train professionals who work with full involvement to ensure success for each client for 20 years. We
travel and we tested previously tested and everything the customer will
live: transportation, catering, local suppliers, routes, etc

How’s right now the segment of corporate travel and incentives in Spain?

Following the hardest years of the crisis, this segment is clearly booming. Companies are betting on them in a clear growth trend.